Pastors & Staff

Pastor Mike

LEAD Pastor

Pastor Mike is the founding and Lead Pastor of Spirit of Fire Fellowship.  A Pastor for over 15 years, Pastor Mike has a mandate to "teach people who they are."  Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Pastor Mike is passionate about showing the grace and love of  God to all that he comes in contact with. Pastor Mike has been married to his wife, Raquel for 23 years. They have twin daughters and a son. 

Pastor Raq

Pastor, first lady, administrator

Pastor Raq aka "First Lady" is both an Administrator and Servant at heart. Outreach is her calling and passion. She has many gifts and talents and is determined to use everything she has for God's Glory and to help people.  She is gifted to go into any area, building or any space and show you how to maximize your space. She loves to develop programs and services  that will help to meet the needs of children, individuals and families and equip them to be able to come out of their situation.  Born and raised in Harlem, NY, she believes that the inner city is her mission field and is determined to reach people where they are and show them the Love of God. She can be found behind the scenes, but God's calling on her life, is bringing her out to the forefront. 

Alexis Michelle

 creative, media & sound director

One of the most gifted and talented Creatives in the game.  Alexis oversees our BLZE (it is spelled right) Ministry which is our creative department for Spirit of Fire Fellowship.  She enjoys bringing things to life with graphic art and design.  Her creative ideas are out of the box and cutting edge and we are excited to see what God does with her in this role.