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She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25

I was watching the news and was looking at a segment on the Afghan Women who were brought over here to the US and specifically to Virginia.  One of the things that stuck out the most,  was their past and now, their present and future. In their past, in their Country, women did NOT have a voice.  They were silenced. "Stayed in their place," according to the laws of the land they came from BUT, as soon as they arrived in America, they started opening up their mouths and telling their stories. A platform was created and their voices were not just being heard, but heard loudly.
Podcasts were being created and were  taking off, articles written, interviews increasing because they realized that in America, they have a voice and that it is important to those who are listening. Now not everyone will listen to what they have to say, and that is okay. They don't care. I heard one woman say, "it's like she has a newfound freedom, an authority that she has never experienced before. Now wait... listen to what she said. A woman who does not know Christ is walking in her authority and making things happen for herself and her family. I sat up and stared at the TV. Ladies. YOU are a Christian. Are you walking in your authority? Are you making things happen for you and family? Are you declaring and decreeing and seeing the manifestations? We as Women in the  Body of Christ have to continue to take our place in our families, in our communities, in our workplace and marketplace and stand up and be the Woman God created us to be and guess what, that is different for all of us. But you can do it. I stand with you. I stand for you. Your sisters stand with you. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Let's take our place and BE.... whatever God needs and wants us to be. We need you. We need you HERE. We need you alive and we need you well. You are important to God, and you are important to your circle.  You are important to me. It's time to take ownership of your voice. It's yours and it's loved and inspired by God.   ~Pastor Raq

Meet - Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

Girlfriend's Unlimited Podcast - Coming 01/2024

 Let's chat while we drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever works for you.  Let spend time uplifting each other and ministering to each other. Ladies this is for you. I'm excited to bring you into, "LET'S CHAT" - a safe space for women to share, converse,  and be. Can't wait to see you and connect.

Small Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

It's time to take the masks off Ladies.  It's time to go deeper in Him.  It's time to find our place. Our voice. Our stance.  It's time we live life to the fullest and reap EVERYTHING God has in store for us.  Let's get connected with like-minded women for support, accountability and fellowship.  

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